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20/10/2017 03:30

The Court of Catania mentions the name of the former Socialist Minister
of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, at the documents that led to the arrest of
Moisi Habilaj.

According to Italian judges and prosecutors, Habilaj mentions Tahiri as his cousin and supporter. He also mentions him of having given money for electoral campaign.

Top Channel has obtained a copy of the document issued by Italian authorities.

“Both suspects talk about a person with power, named Saimir Tahiri, MP in Albania. Moisiu says: ‘What does he have more than us?’ But Sabaudin answers by saying that Tahiri has only the name, but he suspects he has more money than them. Moisiu makes some calculations, through which Saimir Tahiri has made more than 5 million EUR in a month. And all that money goes for the electoral campaign. But Moisiu says that 20 million are not enough for an electoral campaign’”, say the Italian investigators.

Habilaj and Celaj also mention a vehicle used by them to enter Sicily, a vehicle owned by Saimir Tahiri. The former Minister is also mentioned in another conversation between the both suspects.

“According to Sabi, it is important to not make questions, to not say names, and, most importantly, to not mention the names of those who have given him money. But Moisiu answers and says that he doesn’t believe that this could happen. Sabi reiterates the fear that his nephew might talk for other people who gave him money”.

This is not the only case when Tahiri is mentioned. The Italian Police has identified an Audi with which the people in question have traveled to Sicily, a vehicle registered under the name of Saimir Tahiri.

On March 2nd, 2014, the suspects have spoken about dividing money.

“Besides the debts, we have 75.000 to pay. 30.000 to the “uncle”, 30.000 to Saimir, making it 60.000. 15.000 for the ship, 75.000. We need to pay those in Fier with 72.000, 20.000 for Arsen, and 170.000 ALL for our people at the authorities”, the document says.

Moisi Habilaj is heard telling his Italian collaborators how easy it is to traffic between Albania and Italy, because of the corrupted officers. He even mentions that the Chief of Police helps them to take in vehicles with narcotics.

The Italian Police has been able to seize 3.5 tons of cannabis after investigations that lasted from 2013 to 2015. Traffickers had also hired females for the transportation.

Moisi Habilaj stayed in Italy most of the time, while his brother, Florian, took care of the problems in Albania. The document mentions the meeting with a person who is known as the “Chief”. Surveillance showed about failed drug transfers and conflicts with other groups. The Italian Police has no information about the “Chief” who controls the work and keeps preserves peace.

The other suspect, Meridian Sula, was heard speaking about 1.3 tons of cannabis that were seized. He expresses sorrow as if he had lost a child. They complained that the police operations had made them lose large quantities, causing them huge debts in Albania, up to 1 million EUR.

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