Money laundering investigation in Elbasan, even for Mayor Sejdini’s family

04/11/2017 20:26

The Prosecution of Elbasan has started a money-laundering investigation, but there are also concrete names.

They are verifying all families with various businesses in the city, who have also been mentioned recently for being involved in criminal events.

The prosecution is verifying the assets of 66 persons, among whom are the names of two son-in-laws of Mayor Qazim Sejdini, his daughter, the Cela family members and many others.

The Prosecution asked the Tax Office and other state offices to give more information about their assets, properties, businesses, revenues, taxes and social contributions.

The Director of the Elbasan Prosecution, Dritan Gina, refused to make comments about the investigation, but confirmed that it had started last month, when an Audi hit the vehicle of the Chief of Police in a roadblock.

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