Minister of Energy: “Water reform, relief schemes same as with energy”

12/01/2018 14:01

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, declared that the water reform will also have relief schemes for debtors, same as with energy.

In Permet, where he inspected the aqueduct rehabilitation works, Gjiknuri appealed municipalities to approve schemes for citizens who have accumulated debts.

“If we don’t have everyone paying water, same as we pay energy, it is impossible for the government to carry out the necessary investments in areas where there is no modern network”, Gjiknuri underlined.

Together with Minister Mirela Kumbaro, who represents the area in Parliament, they watched the progress of the government investment which mounts up to 5 million USD.

According to the agreement,  the investment will guarantee 24/7 water supply for the area within 30 months.

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