Miners continue hunger strike

26/07/2011 00:00

Bulqize miners hunger strike entered the second day.
After 21
days of general strikes and protests in Bulqize and Tirana, a group of 30 miners
went 1000 meters underground to continue their hunger strike.

One of the syndicate leaders declared that with this strike they have also changed the dialogue conditions.

Clashes with ACR leaders

Miners clashed today in Bulqize with ACR Company leaders.

According to recent information, the clash came after the miners did not allow ACR leaders to enter the Company offices.

Police intervened to avoid any escalation of the situation.

Second day of the strike

The hunger strike of Bulqize miners is continuing for the second day. The miners went 1000 meters underground to continue their protest for the fulfillment of some requests that they presented to Austrian Company ACR.

Another group of miners stood by the galleries in their colleagues’ support, by not allowing ACR workers to continue their work. They even sent away mine directors by force. Police kept distance in order to avoid any possible incident.

1000 meters underground

The miners started their protest 21 days ago. They interrupted their work and presented a list of requests to the concessionary ACR Company. The workers demanded a pay rise of 20%, safier work conditions and guaranty for the perspective of the mine itself, by not allowing it to be closed after the subcontractors will leave Area D.

The Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy partially suspended ACR Company operations at area D and the sub-contractual companies in this area.

Meanwhile, ACR promised a pay rise of 10%, but miners refused. There were several meetings between the parties, without a final decision. Meanwhile, the miners protested for 5 days in Tirana, and finally decided to return in Bulqize, where they started the hunger strike. ACR Company has asked the workers to turn back to work.

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