Meta points to the reasons why of March the 2nd protest: When institutions collapse, the people rise

25/02/2020 20:15

President Ilir Meta in a long status on Facebook has explained the reasons why he has addressed the people to change the current situation, drawing attention to the clash with the Assembly and the head of the KED, Ardian Dvorani, over the election of Constitutional Court members.

“Even if a child of this country read the last official letter of the President of the Republic to the President of the Assembly, the President of the JAC, the Ombudsman (as well as the embassies of the EU and US), and also reads the letter of Uncle Gramoz to Uncle Dvorani on November 8th, would be overwhelmed by panic about the country he is growing up in and the future that awaits him here”, writes Meta.

The president’s status goes on:“ Why should such a simple investigation (due to the scandalous criminal offenses) involving the Constitutional Court itself be postponed indefinitely? Because as they say, the mafia does not investigate itself. That is why it decided to hurry in panic to treacherously pass the anti-constitutional law of “oath-taking by the Lana river banks”, one day before the arrival of the Venice Commission, in violation of any code of democratic and institutional conduct, and begging the representatives of the Venice Commission not to answer the questions the Assembly had been asking for three months”.

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