McAllister: “Balkan in the EU. Albania starts talks next year”

13/07/2017 00:00

Despite its internal problems, the EU is ready to enlarge with the Western Balkan countries.

“It will mostly depend on the countries themselves”, says McAllister for Deutsche Welle, the man who also served as mediator for the political crisis in Albania.

“EU will support the six Western Balkan countries. The six of them have a clear European perspective and we want to encourage integration. These countries are getting closer to the EU. Montenegro is certainly the most advanced for the moment. Serbia is also progressing”, McAllister said.

However, Brussels wants all of the six countries to stay on this path. McAllister brings the same argument mentioned by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which is that Balkan’s stability means stability for the entire Europe.

The logic of McAllister and of others in the EU is simple: “Brussels wants to export stability in the region, so that the lack of it doesn’t reach them. The financial aid is of a vital importance, but the German European MP insists this is not just about money.

“We want the EU accession to have a positive effect on businesses and society, although it comes with its own responsibilities. But how long should Balkan countries wait for the accession? This is up to them”, McAllister leaves to be understood.

“We have seen progress. If everything goes according the plans, Albania may start the accession talks next year. Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia are a bit more behind, but they have a good perspective”, McAllister said.

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