Mayor Veliaj announced new large projects for Albania’s capital

18/06/2019 19:36

The “Zogu i Pare” Boulevard in Tirana will turn into a commercial are, according to the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

“We want to turn it into a shopping district. This is why we want to make an investment that keeps the same quality as the Skanderbeg Square. Tirana has many attractions in the centre, but not enough spaces for pedestrians, where they can shop and spend time in the recreation areas”, Veliaj said.

The Mayor also announced the free economic area of Tirana, a 60 hectares zone in Kashar.

“We have seen several models in Romania and Macedonia. We believe that we have taken the best of these models”, Veliaj said, adding that an agricultural market will also open in Lunder very soon.

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