Macron softens up on accession negotiations for Albania, Macedonia: Let’s see what the EC says

15/02/2020 17:51

French President Emmanuel Macron said today that the decision to open accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania will be made after the accession process is reformed and when he’s confident it will work.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Macron said he did not like the term “French veto”, claiming that there were also other countries that opposed opening accession negotiations in last October talks.

He stated that the precondition for opening the negotiations is changing the rules, as the process is quite technocratic and not transparent. The French president also said that the process should be clear and reversible and added that the EU should be able “to leave if it does not work”.

“When we talk in March, we will see what the European Commission has to say, what progress the countries have made, and if there is confidence that it will work, then we should be able to start negotiations,” Macron said.

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