Macedonia, opposition and academics appeal President to veto “Albanian Language” law

12/01/2018 20:24

Macedonian right-wing opposition parties, academics and organizations from the Diaspora have appealed President Ivanov to veto the law that made Albanian second official language in Macedonia, claiming it goes against the Constitution and national interests.

Members of the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts say that the law puts in danger the constitutional status of the Macedonian language, recognizing this way a bilingual and bi-national identity.

The President has seven days to sign the law or refuse it. If the President refuses to sign, the Parliament will have to pass it once again, which would decree the law automatically without the President’s signature.

In this case, the only chance to repeal the law would be the Constitutional Court. Ivanov has already declared in his New Year speech that he might veto the law, considering it a threat to the Macedonian language and national unity.

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