Lorik Cana, official Grassroots Ambassador of Albania

26/10/2017 20:36

Lorik Cana was officially presented today by the President of the Albanian Football Federation as Grassroots Ambassador for our country.

Grassroots is funded by UEFA and promotes the power of football to educate, inspire and mobilize youth in developing countries, for overcoming their health challenges and for bringing change to their communities.

Cana said that Grassroots is a good opportunity for young Albanians who love sports.

“We couldn’t be involved earlier in time and achieve top results, but recent years have shown that we could be more successful if we work harder. We have been able to represent our country at its best by playing football”, Cana said.

“There is still a lot to do and I value the Football Federation for the support given to the Lorik Cana foundation. As Grassroots ambassador I will help children to keep up with the football spirit. We have been as guides for them in football and we will keep doing it”, Lorik said.

The former Captain of the Albanian national team said that the fruits of this project will be seen in the upcoming years.

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