Kukes Airport flight need 7 months and a 3 million EUR investment

02/04/2016 00:00

International flights from the Kukes airport might start by the end of
this year. In an interview for Top Channel, the Minister of
Transportation, Edmond Haxhinasto, said that the operation of the
airport might be given for concession or might be managed through a
public company.

This is the most possible option, but it needs a 3 million EUR investment.

“We think that the airport should be operational by the end of the year, if things go normally. There is a 3 million EUR intervention that needs to be done. Thie situation needs to be reviewed. We will continue to invest with public money”, says Edmond Haxhinasto, Minister of Transportation.

Haxhinasto confirmed that there are two low-cost operators, Ryan Air and Wizz Air, who have expressed concrete interest. They have even inspected the airfield and the terminal.

As for the airports in Southern Albania, the government has ordered a feasibility study.

Top Channel