Kukan: EU showed lack of strong leadership with the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

16/04/2019 20:45

The Chairman of the Interparliamentary Delegation for Stabilization and Association between Serbia and the EU, Eduard Kukan, said that the agreement between Prishtina and Belgrade will now be up to Mogherini’s predecessors, as time is running out.

Kukan said that the EU has shown a lack of leadership with the dialogue: “The negotiations can work if you show strong leadership. The EU must be determined in this process”, Kukan said.

He underlined that the dialogue is blocked for a very long time, and without the right reaction from the EU.

For Kukan, progress can be possible only through strong foreign pressure and leadership from Brussels. Many things now will depend from the new High Representative of the EU, and on how active he or she will be with the intermediary role.

Commenting on the enlargement process, the former Slovakian diplomat said that it will be very hard to support the Western Balkan accession within the next European Parliament mandate, for the simple reason that its next formation will have fewer honst fighters who will support the region’s approach to the EU.

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