Kozara massacre, Constitutional Court rejects decision

04/05/2011 15:50

Five years have passed since the horrible crime that took place in
Kozara, Kuçova district, where a new couple was killed together with
their two year old son. The Constitutional Court rejected all court
decisions that had judged Luan Mara, brother of one of the victims,
guilty for the triple murder and sentencing him to life in prison.

On February 2006, Shpetim Mara, who had just returned from Greece, where he had emigrated for work, was found dead in his residence. Together with him there was the body of his wife, Florie Mara, and the body of their two year old son, Artion. This is one of most macabre tragedies ever happened in Albania.

The accused Shpëtim Mara will now return at the First Degree Court, after the Constitutional Court argued that the way the proofs have been secured has an essential importance for a just criminal process.

The Constitutional Court notes that the ordinary courts of jurisdiction have not undertaken the necessary steps to investigate all the circumstances for this case. The Constitutional Court also adds that there are suspicions that the accused has been obliged by force to admit the crime and to witness in court against himself.

The defending lawyer, Alban Bengasi, says for Top-Channel that according to the evidence, the author of the crime known today as the “Kozara Massacre” is not Luan Mara, but another person.

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