Kosovo, violence at Basketball match

22/04/2011 20:20

The match between Sigal Prishtina and Bambi from the Northern Mitrovica ended with violence.

The Kosovo Police clashed with the fans of Prishtina team “Plisat”. According to the eyewitnesses, the violence erupted after some police members, several of which from Serbian Mitrovica, were offended by the Prishtina fans and by the way they were celebrating the victory against “Bambi” with a score 80-73.

“Until the end of the match, there has been no problem. But when the match was over, a part of the fans clashed with the Police”, says Ali Durmishi, Security Agent of the sport facility.

The Police have used not only sprays, but also has hit the fans who were leaving the field at that moment. Everything seems to have happened after the fans started to offend the Serbian police agents, who were offering security to the “Bambi” Serbian players.

Interior Ministry and Police do not confirm if there has been any order for violent interventions.

“We will wait the police report. If anyone has behaved impulsively, there are measures that can be taken. On the other hand, the fan cheering must have its own limits, and must not turn into hooliganism by damaging the property”, says Bajram Rexhepi, Minister of Interior Affairs.

“It is possible that someone from the police agents might have acted beyond his competences”, says Naim Rexha, head of the Public Security Department at the Kosovo Police Headquarters.

The director of Prishtina basketball club, Artan Rugova, said that the “Plisa” fans did not pass the limits of fan cheering: “Since the security of the players has not been endangered and no heavy objects were thrown in the field, I don’t think that there has been any reason for such a harsh police intervention”.

After getting out the sportive terrain, the “Plisat” fans have thrown stones towards the police. “Plisat” fans have damaged some police vehicles and put one of them to fire.

The Kosovo police have started the investigations, while other inner inspections are being held for the policemen suspected of surpassing their competences.

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