Kosovo, Sejdiu: DLK, at a crossroad

30/04/2011 11:45

Former Kosovo President, Fatmir Sejdiu, estimated that the party
once leaded by him, the Democratic League of Kosovo (DLK), currently holds an
unspecified political position.

“We don’t know if this party is in opposition or part of the governing coalition. This situation was created from the moment when the DLK leader, Isa Mustafa, signed the unnatural political agreement for overcoming a political stalemate that was created with the removal of Mr. Pacolli from the Presidence”, Sejdiu declared in an interview for the daily newspaper “Koha Ditore”.

The DLK leader of honor emphasized that the Democratic Party of Kosovo and the Alliance for a New Kosovo can remain untroubled during this mandate, since they have received the support of a party that claims to be the opposition leader.

Sejdiu expressed his conviction that DLK would be in the government today, if the leader Mustafa would have made a pre-electoral coalition with the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

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