Kosovo, report on media freedom

03/05/2011 19:20

A few meters from the Kosovo government building, the Kosovo journalist
gathered for the World Press Freedom Day and expressed their concerns
regarding media freedom in Kosovo.

The Association of Professional Reporters published a report which states that the government is the institution that endangers more than anyone else the press freedom in Kosovo.

The study was realized through a questionnaire that was answered by 101 journalists.

According to the final report, the political parties come second after the government for interfering with the reporter’s work, while the judicial system is in the third place.

The Council of Written Media and the Journalist Union of Kosovo have also declared that media freedom in Kosovo is deteriorating.

“Freedom House” estimated that press freedom in Kosovo is partially free, with 51 points.

Radio Urban FM decided to organize a concert in Pristina as a protest against this situation, inviting several musical groups.

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