Kosovo PM Haradinaj takes Albanian passport

12/01/2018 19:56

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, made an unannounced visit to Tirana where he met with Albanian President Ilir meta and Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Haradinaj published photos of the meeting on social networks and explained that he had discussed important matters regarding both Kosovo and Albania and also the activities of the Skanderbeg year.

During this visit, Haradinaj also received the Albanian passport, for which he had applied a few days ago.

Haradinaj became Albanian citizen on April 24th, when he was arrested by French authorities based on an arrest order issued by Serbia.

Hardinaj received the passport a few days after he cancelled a visit to the USA when the US embassy in Prishtina refused to issue a visa. This was commented by media outlets as a move by Washington against Kosovo’s initiative to stop the creation of the Special Court, which will investigate former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army for war crimes.

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