Kosovo Custom employees return to border checkpoints

26/07/2011 14:20

After taking under control the Nothern border checkpoints, Kosovo police and Custom Employees returned to their duties.

Top-Channel sources confirm that Kosovo custom employees and Kosovo Border Police are now present in Northern Kosovo, and Regional Operational Support Units (ROSU) are leaving.

“Kosovapress” news agency declared that while leaving the Bernjak border checkpoints, ROSU were attacked by armed Serbians at Zubin Patok.

The same agency also announces that Prime Minister Thaçi and KFOR commander Bühler had made an agreement before issuing the order. Bühler held a meeting with the head of the Serbian delegation for the dialogue with Kosovo, Borko Stefanovic.

According to this agreement, Kosovo Custom employees and Police will control both border checkpoints, while Stefanovich seems to have guaranteed that after retrieving the Special Units, the Serbians would release the road, according to Kosovapress.

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