KDL criticizes government

14/06/2011 01:35

The Kosovo Democratic League launched strong critics towards Kosovo
government, which, according to them, is unable to enforce its authority
in Northern Kosovo.

For KLD officials, the government must extend its power in this area as soon as possible, and make Serbian residents respect the institutions.

For KLD, the language used by Interior Minster Bajram Rexhepi, who criticizes EULEX for the absence of rule of law in Northern Kosovo, does not serve to the good relations between Kosovo and international institutions.

“We are not satisfied. The frequent declarations and irritation of international relations go against Kosovo interests and its future”, says Gazmend Muhaxherri from KLD, as part of Group of Experts for Security.

The Group of Experts considers as dangerous the memorandum presented by the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Security Forces in Kosovo, although the respective ministers, Rexhepi and Agim Çeku, were able to convince the Parliamentary Commission that this memorandum serves to the security of Kosovo citizens and that it is in full accordance with Kosovo laws.

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