Justice appointments; President Meta reiterates call for anti-government protests

22/02/2020 19:43

Albanian president Ilir Meta has reiterated today the invitation for citizens to unite in protest on March the 2nd on “Deshmoret e Kombit” Boulevard.

On Saturday morning he posted a statement on social networks, citing the fact that Albania was once again included in the gray list of money laundering countries, of which the countries was taken out in 2015.

Taking incentive of this report, the head of state pointed out that “our country will no longer be an international money laundering machine”.

From the beginning of the week the head of state has been accusing the government of a coup d’etat, in a dispute over the issue of the constitutional court judged appointments.

He has filed criminal charges against Justice Appointments Council (KED) head Ardian Dvorani, while yesterday he also indicted Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj.

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