Italian reporters take Cham Albanian to his birthplace, get caught by Greek police

20/10/2017 03:30

The famous Italian show “Le Iene” spoke Albanian this Tuesday. The
journalists of this investigative-satiric show watched closely the
absurd that takes place at the Albanian and Greek border as regards Cham

After making a short summary of how Chameria ended up in Greece, and of the massacre taking place after the Second World War, the journalist of Le Iene travels to Albania, where he finds Avdyl Sulejmanin, a senior citizen born in Varfanj, Chameria, and evicted 73 years ago away from the village that Greece calls today “Parapotamos”.

“It may sound crazy to you, but Greece is formally in a state of war with Albania. This makes it impossible for anyone to demand the right to their properties”, the Italian journalist declared.

To make sure that everything was true, Le Iene travel to Qafe Bota, where Sulejman is returned at the border because officials don’t recognize “Varfanj” as Albania calls it.

“Greece doesn’t recognize this passport”, the Greek customs officer says, returning them back.

The journalist and Sulejman then travel to Italy and from there they go to Greece, without border checkpoints. They travel to Varfanj, or Parapotamos, according to Greeks.

Sulejman and an Italian resident meet locals there and travel to where he used to have his house. Someone was making construction works at that house, but at that moment two police officers, in civilian clothes, seize their passports, their filming equipment and take them to the police station.

They are told to leave the country right away, but Le Iene makes another turn to Varfanj where Avdyl takes a final look to the house where he was born.

“Now I can die in peace”, he says while watching the site.

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