Italian PM: Refusing negotiations with Albania and N.Macedonia, a historica mistake of the EU

19/10/2019 17:45

The debate for the accession negotiations of Albania and Northern Macedonia was very long and sometimes heated, but the result was a sad one.

24 countries were in favor, three against. There some ideas to sacrifice Albania in order to save Northern Macedonia, but even this didn’t convince France, which was against both.

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, said that this is very regrettable.

“Europe lost these countries 500 years ago to the Ottoman Empire by not acting, they lost them again to communism. We must not lose them again” Conte sad.

The Austrian Chancellor, Brigitte Bierlein, said that the decision was regrettable and underlined that her country will keep supporting Tirana and Skopje: “These countries have completed their tasks and the decision was not taken because some countries were against. This is not a good sign for the solidarity of the EU and for the security in the region.”

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