Helsinki: A tense campaign

04/05/2011 15:20

The Albanian Committee of Helsinki has published a preliminary report about the observation results of the pre-election process.

The pre-election standards are not optimistic regarding democratic standard fulfillment for free and honest elections.

The preliminary voters’ list was announced after the deadline and no public awareness has been made for the elector.

“Our observers informed that a considerable number of voting centers have been established in private bars. It is true that the law allows this, but only on special occasions, only by a decision of the Central Election Commission. There have been claims that some of these voting centers, like in Kamza, have been established in private facilities, the owners of which have close relations with the candidate”.

This problematic raised by the Albanian Committee of Helsinki was noted also during the central elections in June 2009, when left centered commissioners were prohibited to enter some private voting centers that were established in private facilities in Kamza.

The Albanian Committee of Helsinki says in the report that the mistrust of the Central Election Commission could result negatively on the counting process and the announcement of the final result.

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