Health Minister rejects extreme measures against the coronavirus epidemic, momentarily

24/02/2020 19:24

Albanian health Minister Ogerta Manastiliu said today that Albania would not close schools or suspend commercial flights to Italy.

Speaking at the task force meeting this time held at Tirana Rinas Airport, the Minister said that this decision could only be made if there is a deterioration of the epidemic state. “We are assessing the level of risk and when we have done so we can make a decision”, stated Manastirliu, adding that she has ordered an increase in hygiene measures in public schools.  

Starting from this week there are increased preventive measures in place both in terms of border crossings where health personnel have been added, as well as in schools regarding hygienic and sanitary conditions.

The authorities advice that persons who are suspected of having symptoms or are related to the sites affected by the coronary virus should not go to the hospital themselves but report to emergency No 127 and make the trip with the paramedics. The Institute of Public Health confirms that so far no virus cases have been reported and 6 suspected cases have were found negative.

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