Haradinaj’s government dismisses Demarkation Commission

12/09/2017 00:00

On its first meeting, the government of Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj
decided to dismiss the State Commission for Border Demarkation with

After that, Haradinaj appointed prof.Shpejtim Bulliqi, known expert for geographic matters, to create a new team.

Haradinaj has opposed the work of this commission more than anyone, due to mistakes with the measuring of the territory. The Parliament voted in favor of this decision.

Haradinaj underlined that the government program will be sent to the Parliament within a few days.

Haradinaj had his first meeting as Prime Minister with the US Ambassador, Greg Delawie. After the meeting, the ambassador said that the USA will keep supporting a Kosovo that is sovereign, democratic, multi-ethnic and in peace with its neighbors, and that the priorities of the American policy towards Kosovo will remain the same.

The EU office in Kosovo also appealed institution directors to continue their European path, reminding the difficult challenges the country is facing, such as corruption, a week rule of law, unemployment and poor education system.

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