Hahn visits Podgorica with good news for Montenegro

09/02/2018 18:33

The European Commissioner for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, visited the capital of Montenegro today, where he arrived with good news.

Hahn was very optimistic about the European future of Montenegro and sees them as frontrunners in Balkan as regards the EU integration path.

“The EU enlargement strategy clearly identifies Montenegro as a country very close to accession. For the first time there was a dateline and instruments for turning their strategic objective into reality”, Hahn said.

But before this could take place, the local politicians would be facing many challenges.

“There will be challenges especially as regards the rule of law, fight against corruption, organized crime and media freedom. National consensus is key to integration. Political debate is necessary an healthy when it is kept within the legal and constitutional norms”, said Commissioner Hahn in front of the Montenegro Parliament.

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