Hahn responds to Greek MPs about Albania’s school texts

12/01/2018 20:46

The EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, responded to the meeting summoned by two European MPs of the Greek ruling party, Syriza, regarding maps in Albanian school books, which they consider irredentist.

Syriza’s question to Hahn and also to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, was if these maps, which, according to Syriza, are propaganda for a Greater Albania with territories from neighbouring countries, including Greece, will put Albania’s EU integration at risk.

Hahn replied that good neighbouring relations and regional cooperation are basic elements of the Stabilization and Association process, a condition for EU enlargement, that’s why both states should resolve suspended issues between each other the soonest possible.

The Greek pro-government newspaper “AYGI” says that Hahn remained impartial and said that there is a special Albanian-Greek commission which is discussing the school texts in Albania.

According to Hahn, reports of 2016 show that the relations between Greece and Albania have remained positive, often held in a very high level, such as the recent meeting of Foreign Ministers in Crete.

The European Commission, according to Hahn, notes that both countries have discussed the creation of a joint mechanism for resolving suspended bilateral matters.


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