Greece reduces residence permit fees for immigrants

05/06/2018 13:14

The Greek Parliament is discussing the voting of an amendment proposed by the Ministry of Emigration Policies, which foresees a reduction of residence permit fees for foreign immigrants, favouring this way hundreds of thousands of Albanian citizens.

Immigrants in Greece have paid more than every other EU country, something for which Athens has been warned by the European Commission that they could receive penalties.

There are 24,000 long-term residential permits, 51,000 unique permits, 134,000 family unification, 900 permits for study and research, and the so-called “Blue Card”.

Fatos Malaj, inter-cultural attaché at the Ministry of Emigration, also the leader of the Arogji-Perkrahja organization, declared that the price will be reduced from 450 to 150 Euros.

The amend also has easier conditions for the second generation of emigrants, while there will be a new fee for emigrants who apply for permanent residence.

The payment for seasonal workers is also doubled.


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