Government opens tender for Karavasta solar farm

20/01/2020 17:12

The government is opening an auction for the construction of a solar energy farm at the Karavasta area.

The solar energy produced in this area will have a capacity of 140 MW.

The Minister of Energy, Belinda Balluku, declared that 70MW will be used as an incentive for the business, and the other 70MW for the market.

This means that half of the production will be sold in the free market, and the other half will have a guaranteed purchase by the government for 15 years, with 55 Euros per MW.

This scheme is an identical copy of the Akernia park, which was offered in a tender two years ago.

The Karavasta solar farm is the biggest one ever planned in Albania, and, according to Minister Belinda Balluku, it doesn’t affect the lagoon.

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