Gjirokaster, Berisha promises restoration

29/04/2011 19:30

The Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, visited some moments ago the town of
Gjirokastra, where he announced the candidate of the Alliance for the
Citizen, Genci Sinoimeri.

During his speech, the Prime Minister declared that in the four years to come, his government will do everything in its power for the restoration of Gjirokastra and its approach to Tirana.

“I promise that very soon, the distance to Tirana will be less than two hours. We are here today because we have placed in the history of Gjirokastra the crown of the world history. We are here today as the people that have realized their dream, making Gjirokastra and Albania a NATO member, making Gjirokastra and Albania safer”, Berisha declared.

Speaking on the successes of the government, the Prime Minister emphasized, like in all other campaign meetings, the economic development.

“During these years we were able to bring the most failed economy in Europe on the top of the European list of economic development. We doubled every low pension and wage. We increased the exports with 2%. The Albanian economy today is thriving, is enthusiast and safe”, Berisha underlined.

The Head of the Government spoke on the infrastructure investments, which, according to him, will increase in the years to come.

”We have paved 8 thousand kilometers of roads, we have built the most powerful economic corridors in the region. The years to come will find Gjirokastra, its villages and communes, with paved roads same to the European states”, Berisha added.

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