Germany hasn’t decide yet for their vote on Albania’s EU accession negotiations

13/06/2018 17:42

The German government has not taken a decision about opening the accession negotiations with Albania, but Christian Lange, the Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, declared that Berlin will decide about Albania when the time is right, before June 28th. Lange is in the rank of the Deputy Minister of Justice.

Meeting with journalists in Tirana, he denied that resolving the Tahiri case was a condition for Berlin.

“It is not usual that specific matters turn into a condition for European projects”, said Lange.

He also distanced himself from the second person in charge of the CDU-CSU parliamentary group, Waderphul, who gave his opinion about the case of the Interior Minister, Xhafaj, and said that he should resign, since there was a conflict of interest.

“I heard about my colleague’s declaration. It is not a tradition of Germany to hold stances regarding internal matters of other countries, and I was surprised by that declaration”, he said.

He underlined the fight against corruption as very necessary, a phenomenon about which there have been complaints by German investors in Albania. For Berlin, according to Lange, the judiciary reform is the only condition.

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