Germany: Debates are made in Parliament

21/11/2014 00:00

Despite the resolution of the European Popular Parties for the Albanian
opposition, the biggest EU country doesn’t support parliamentary

The German minister for European Matters declared in Tirana that the debates between parties should be done within the Parliament. And this was clear, unlike the date for opening the negotiations.

“We cannot say it today when the membership negotiations can be open. Decisive for this is a concrete progress of Albania  with the reforms, especially with the rule of law. These reforms are for the own good of Albania. It is up to Albania to decide the pace of this process. These are huge projects that need big support. You must work all together. A difficult path can be overcome by uniting the forces. When deciding the development course of a country, it is necessary to work in a constructive and honest way with the political opponents. Debates are part of the parliamentary life, they should not be made outside”, the German Minister declared.

The German Minister arrived in Tirana with the invitation of our Foreign Ministry, for an activity regarding the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an event that not only united Germany, but also marked the beginning of freedom fights throughout Europe.

Despite the ambitions and the progress, Europe is not united yet. Western Balkan is still outside the European Union. The German Minister has a suggestion for this that he sent to the politicians of this region: “They should work for their citizens, and they will have full supoprt from Germany”, he declared.

“Even why the Berlin wall is not dividing us, we need to bring down all the walls in our minds, for not creating new borders. Let us work together”, the German Minister declared.

The Albanian Foreign Minister, who just received another confirmation from Merkel’s cabinet that Albania is a reliable partner in the EU for foreign policies, also focused on bringing down the dividing walls.

“Removing borders is not enough for a united Europe. We need to bring down the unnatural walls. The Albanian people has been able to read this wall properly. This is what encourages us for the EU path”, Minister Bushati declared.

The fall of the Berlin Wall has given a message that remains actual, according to the German Minister: “The citizens are not slaves of their government, but its pillars”.

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