German Bundestag divided about Albania’s EU accession negotiation

22/05/2019 18:54

The ruling German parties, the Social Democrats and the Christian Democratic Union, don’t seem to agree about opening the EU accession negotiations for Albania and Northern Macedonia.

While the SDP wants the negotiations to be opened immediately, they CDU want to discuss this topic in September.

Deutsche Welle’s correspondent in Berlin, Anila Shuka, said for Top Channel that there is an unsettling climate in the Bundestag about their decision regarding Albania and Northern Macedonia.

She explains that the German Minister of State for Europe, at the Foreign Ministry, Michael Roth, insists that this is the right time to vote for the Eu accession negotiations, because a negative vote would lose the region’s trust to the EU. Secondly, both countries, according to him, especially Albania, have fulfilled the conditions and the presence of the EU in this region would only guarantee stability.

Top Channel