Gërdeci, expert’s assessment

22/04/2011 20:10

One commission member for the cost assessment of ammunition dismantling
at Gerdec, Kol Dedgjoni, testified at Court that the Poliçani Plant
could dismantle the ammunition with a positive financial balance before
the “Albdemil” company won the tender.

Dedgjoni declared that the commission requested the offers made by Albanian military plants, and noticed that Poliçani Plant was the only one with a positive balance.

Dedgjoni was one of the members who refused to sign the act for allowing a concessionary company to dismantle ammunition in Albania.

The group of the prosecutors declared that after Dedgjoni left the commission, it was declared that Poliçani Plant offered a negative balance. Dedgjoni declared that he was not aware of this, and that maybe the Poliçani plant has withdrawn the first offer.

Dedgjoni’s testimony, accountant by profession and with 18 years of experience at the Defense Ministry, brought the attention back to the Gerdeci trial, for the fact that at least one of the Albanian state owned plants specialized for ammunition dismantling were able to do the job and also bring economical profits from this dismantle, which was given as a concession to a private company like “Albademil”.

A former member of the commission that assessed the ammunition dismantle plants, declared in trial that what “Albdemil” was doing in Gërdec, Poliçani Plant was perfectly able to perform with good results.

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