Fushë-Krujë, river works abandoned

26/07/2011 16:45

The Zeze River in Fushe Kruje flooded this small town twice in a few
days, and the embankment repair works have stopped two weeks ago.

The construction firm has removed its construction vehicles from the river, while the government has approved only 50 million ALL for this fund, although they promised 80 million ALL before the elections. The company that won the tender had offered 26 million ALL, and this caused the construction works to change voices.

2 km from the town of Fushe Kruje, the Ministry of Agriculture started to widen the riverbed, but the part of the town entry has a narrower riverbed, due to illegal construction. According to the residents, the incorrect investment will not avoid floods.

The Mayor of Fushe Kruje asked a confrontation of the construction company with the residents of the two flooded neighborhoods, where more than 6000 families were damaged.

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