Prosecution demands 12 years for former Interior Minister Tahiri, who denies accusations, reminds his success against crime

10/09/2019 16:59

The former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, reacted for the media after the Prosecution presented their charges, accusing him of aiding drug traffickers in four occasions.

My truth is proven by facts so strong that no one can oppose them. I am accused of being part of a criminal group with drug traffickers who haven’t been on duty in Vlora during the transportation of the drug. What the Albanian Prosecution is saying are lies”, the former Minister said, adding that the police officers who are being accused together with him are the ones who reported the Habilaj gang in 2016.

The former Interior Minister told journalists that when he was on duty, the police was fighting the notorious village of Lazarat.

“This is the most important battle of my life. I resigned from my duty as an MP to face justice as a citizen. There are politicians in this country who have been accused of very serious crimes and who are still in power, let alone going to the Prosecution”, Tahiri declared.

The strongest point of the Prosecution are the surveillance tapes issued by the Italian authorities, in which the alleged gang members speak about gifts and about the car with license plates AA 033 GB. The Prosecution claims that their connection was the former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri.

However, Top Channel’s journalist, Anila Hoxha, said that there have been contradictions between the Prosecutors themselves during the court session. The Prosecution has asked 12 years in prison for the former Interior Minister, who could receive eight with an accelerated trial.

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