Foreign investments in Albania have increased

11/09/2019 16:47

Direct foreign investments have increased with 10% during the first six months of the year, while companies with foreign capital have increased their activity in Albania.

Official data from the Bank of Albania show that in the first semester of this year, foreign companies have invested more than 535 million Euros in the Albanian economy, from 486 million Euros that it was during the same period of the last year.

From this total, 353 million Euros were capital coming from abroad. The rest of the 182 million Euros is made of profits that foreign companies which are currently present in Albania have reinvested in the country.

The flux of foreign investments into the Albanian economy has been relatively high for the past years. The historic record was marked last year when foreign businesses invested 1.21 billion Euros in the country.

However, although the figure for foreign investments seems high, the profits for the Albanian economy haven’t been good. This is due to the fact that most of the investments from abroad are exploiting the natural resources of the country.

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