Foreign investments in Albania, 30% of the total

15/08/2017 00:00

According to the UN, direct foreign investments have been significant for Albania’s economic growth.

In 2016, foreign investments in Albania reached 1.12 billion USD. This means that one for every three ALL that are invested in the Albanian economy, now comes from abroad.

According to the trade session and development at the UN, this is one of the highest norms in the region.

Foreign capital in Bosnia funds only 10% of total investments in the economy. In Bulgaria it reaches 7.8%. The average of Southeastern Europe is 26.3%.

The influence of foreign investments in the Albanian economy has increased especially in the past five years.

INSTAT says that investments for 2015-2016, especially for major projects with foreign capital, such as the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline and the Devoll Cascade, were the main source of economic growth.

But the biggest concern of experts is about what happens after these projects are over. A few days ago, “Moody” warned that foreign investments in Albania could get lower in the upcoming years, if the country doesn’t improve its business climate.

According to Moody, this would make possible a diversification of foreign investments, especially in energy, tourism and agriculture.

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