Fleckenstein: Constitutional Court has spoken about territorial division

09/01/2015 00:00

After meeting with Knut Fleckenstein, the EU rapporteur for Albania, the
Democratic Party distributed a press release, saying that Basha
reported the new territorial division of local units once again as a map
that goes for the interest of Rama and Meta, against the national
interest. The DP leader, Lulzim Basha, underlined that there would be no
elections with this map.

One day later, at the Center of EU Information in Tirana, Fleckenstein declared that he didn’t come in Tirana as a referee or as a teacher, but to help understanding the reform progress. He reminded the Democratic Party that the Constitutional Court has answered about their concern regarding the territorial division.

“Mr.Basha is wise. He didn’t speak with about this issue. As I said in the beginning, I am no referee. If a political party doesn’t want to be part of the elections, that’s their decision. I have heard that your Constitutional Court has been involved in the administrative division. I think that the Constitutional court said its word. I am not wiser than them. I hope that all political parties will be involved in the elections, because this is the democratic right of people, not only of parties. People deserve to chose who will govern them”, Fleckenstein declared.

The rapporteur for Albania will meet with the wife of Aleks Nika, one of the January 21st victims. Top Channel asked the European MP about how will this event be treated in the report that he will present at the European Parliament.

“I cannot tell you right now what I am going to write about January 21st. I have received an e-mail from the wife of one of the January 21st victims, who expresses her will to meet with me. I may have an opinion after this meeting. Four years is a long time for an investigation. I am interested to hear how they see the progress of this investigation. Then I will have to ask the government about their opinion. I think that this event should not be forgotten. Yes, it will be a point of the report, same as in the past year”, Fleckenstein says.

Knut Fleckenstein said that he would leave Albania with two impressions: First, the chance for a political dialogue after the opposition’s return in Parliament is bigger, and they are seeing good will from all parties for continuing with the reforms.

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