Fleckenstein: Albania is on the right track

08/01/2015 00:00

Knut Fleckenstein, rapporteur for Albania at the European Parliament,
started a three-day visit in Tirana. In an interview for Top Channel, he
was questioned about what he expected from this visit.

“As you know, I will write a report for the European Parliament, regarding the developments in Albania and their path towards the European Union. I will be here for three days and I will hear the Parliament, the opposition, the government and the civil society, because EU doesn’t mean only politics. It is for the people. An important aspect is the fact that the civil society is included in this process. I will see what is being done with the five priorities that Albania must fulfill. I see a lot of progress. Certainly, there are many challenges”, Fleckenstein declared.

Top Channel: You just mentioned the five priorities. Do you think that Albania is on the right path to fulfill and implement them?

Knut Fleckenstein: Yes, they are on the right path. Maybe they are not about to finalize these reforms. Some of them have marked progress, but on the other hand, not everything can be done on the same time. But I think that you are on the right track.

Top Channel: How difficult will it be for Albania to open negotiations with the EU?

Knut Fleckenstein: The government and the Parliament know what we have already requested. Now there is work to be done. I wouldn’t dare give you a date. For as long that your country is on the right path towards Europe, the problem is not if you will be one month ahead or behind in time. The reforms are important, and this is why I am here, to see the progress made by the government and the Parliament have progressed with these issues.

Top Channel