Fier Hacker arrested on international order

13/02/2018 17:47

In real life, Aldo Ymeraj is known as a lonely boy, living between two divorced parents and with very strong ties to a computer.

He was part of a network of 10,000 hackers, and his only picture online is that the one made before he was 20.

He started his cyber-criminal career by breaking Facebook password, and then ended up with an international criminal group, which was stealing large amounts of Bitcoin, credit cards and bank accounts.

Aldo Ymeraj’s name became famous for the local police after the hit of the Albanian Hackers Group, which caused many nuisances to state institution servers and private companies.

However, after this arrest, Ymeraj only grew with his criminal career, now becoming one of the 36 members of the international group “In Fraud We Trust”.

Ymeraj was arrested in a Tirana café, after an arrest order was released by the USA.

Aldo Ymeraj’s group has stolen 530 million USD through credit cards, but Ymeraj has not said anything to the Albanian authorities. He is expected to be handed over to the US justice.

Besides Ymeraj, there are 12 other people arrested in Kosovo, Serbia, Italy, France, USA, Australia and Britain.

The group was founded by the Ukrainian 34-year-old Svatoslav Bondareko, known as “the Rector”, but his whereabouts are yet unknown.

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