False trial for Karaburun case, 220 hectares registered with forged documents

03/06/2016 00:00

The investigations for the 220 hectare scandal in Karaburun show that
the suspect who falsified the ownership documents has never held a real
trial. The file handed over to the property registration office shows
that there is a fictive process held 16 years ago, by Judge Thoma Nika,
under the assistance of two secretaries.

The decision says that Raimon Mezi has been compensated with 220 hectares. The Prosecution said for Top Channel that Nika has signed the verdict.

The judge denies it today, and says that the signature is not his. The same declaration was given by the secretaries.

The Prosecutor General, Adriatic Llalla, visited Vlore together with the Head of the Serious Crimes, Besim Hajdarmataj, to discuss passing the Karaburun case under the Serious Crimes.

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