Fake migrant declared “non grata” and extradited to Russia as a terrorist by Albanian authorities

21/02/2020 17:53

Rasul Mislaev is reported to be the Russian terrorist who was extradited last night from Albania to Russia, under the escort of Russian special police.

Top Channel’s Anila Hoxha sources state that Mislaev had been arrested in Albania from some time, while after negotiations with Russia was decided his extradition there.

He was detained after months of investigation by the Directorate of Albanian Counterterrorism after entering the country as an illegal immigrant but during surveillance and special techniques investigations, it was revealed that he was in fact a suspected terrorist involved in ISIS.

Interior ministry sources said that after the handing over to the Russian side, the 34-year-old was reportedly declared “non grata”.

Authorities’ evidence indicates that the 34-year-old has stayed in the Karec migrant center for 11 months after traveling in 2013 from Russia to Turkey and then to Syria, and joined the ISIS terrorist unit in the Kharitan city.

When he arrived in Albania in the summer of 2018 along with a group of immigrants fleeing the war, he pretended to be a person who could neither hear nor speak.
But his acting ended while being interviewed in the Kareci as he was suspected of not being a person fleeing the war, but about a dangerous terrorist.

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