Face masks abusive price raises; Prosecutor’s Office launches investigation on Tirana pharmacies

25/02/2020 20:39

The Tirana Prosecutor’s Office will initiate criminal proceedings for “market manipulation” on pharmacies, in connection with the abusive price rises reported for some products (face masks, disinfectant products, etc.), which serve as preventive measures of the new coronavirus.

The Tirana Prosecutor’s Office writes that they are currently in the process of collecting information on pharmacies which have abusively raised the prices of the aforementioned products by taking advantage of the alarming situation.

The Prosecutor’s Office invites all citizens to cooperate in case they have encountered the abusive rise in the price of these products.

“Taking into account the various data made public in the media and the administration of operational data, we have registered criminal proceedings for the offense of “Market manipulation” provided by Article 143 / a / 1 of the Criminal Code”, states the Prosecutor’s Office.


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