Exclusive / Leaked photo-evidence of Jak Prenga’s murder show body pulled out of Range Rover

11/02/2020 19:45

Top Channel has obtained from forensic lab sources exclusive photos from the CCTV video documenting the high profile abduction and killing of Jak Prenga, whose body is still missing.

The video shows the car stolen on 26-th November 2019, the day of the earthquake in Tirana, entering the Golden complex. Shortly thereafter some persons appear near it carrying the dead body of Jak Prenga.

Reliable sources at the forensic lab said that security camera analysis had yielded the information on each of the suspects precise role in the incident.

At one point the footage shows the hooded suspects changing clothes and stuffing them in black bags.

In order to erase any evidence left, one of the suspects appears throwing a solution to destroy traces of DNA. Unofficially, a source at the forensic lab stated that the police has documented each step of what happened in the garage of the Golden Complex, and which are the persons performing active actions.

The police have submitted this data to the prosecution office.


Top Channel