EU ambassador Soreca: The 1.15 billion earthquake assistance will include transparency, accountability and close EU monitoring

20/02/2020 18:18

Three days after the donor conference in Brussels which raised 1.15 billion euros, the EU delegation head in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, in an interview with Top Channel’s Muhammad Veliu, described it as an extraordinary achievement.

“I’m back in Tirana now after that extraordinary day, as President Von der Leyen described it on Monday, when the entire international community, and especially the EU, showed solidarity and attention to Albania. I think this is also a signal to the Albanians that we care about them. Returning to your question yes, 1.15 billion Euros are divided into grants and loans, where grants means direct donations, which are 300 million euros, and loans that constitute 800 million”, stated the EU ambasador, adding that nevertheless the loans are important and convenient, as are ensured by the EU.

Asked about the mechanism of transparency which will ensure that so large a sum is given to people in need, Luigi Soreca said:

“This last question is also the most important. It is crucial for the entire international community that these donations go to the people. We have agreed with the Government of Albania for a Statement of Principles, in which there are 9 principles that will guide the implementation of the agreement. We’re talking about consistency, clarity, transparency. These principles are binding and we will ensure that they are respected. I met with US Ambassador Yuri Kim last night to discuss together how to ensure that the EU and the US follow closely the implementation. Then we will discuss with the government the precise mechanism to ensure that the Albanian people have confidence in how this money will be put to use”, concluded the ambassador.


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