EU-Albania Stabilization-Association meeting: “Unity for the sake of the country”

12/02/2018 17:18

The first session of the 12th Stabilization Association meeting between Albania and the EU was held today under the direction of Monica Macovei, Head of the European Parliament delegation, and Taulant Balla, Head of the Albanian delegation.

Macovei underlined that political parties should unite their efforts for integration.

“We heard from the European Commission about the progress Albania with the reforms. We want positivity. The political parties should be together in these efforts. We need a constructive dialogue with recommendations”, Macovei declared.

The co-chairman of the commission, Taulant Balla, appealed the opposition to get involved in the process,.

“The opposition should be involved in the process for supporting the accession negotiations. Let’s approve the recommendations with a spirit of constructive dialogue”, he said.

The Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, noted that the judiciary reform illustrates the impact of European integration. Bushati added that the Albanian government is involved in an intensive dialogue process with Greece.

Same as Macovei, the EU ambassador, Romana Vlahutin, underlined that unity is needed for progressing with the integration process. “Citizens support the deep reforms in the country. They have no doubts about this support. Albania has a real opportunity today as regards the accession negotiations. The EU integration requires unity’, said EU ambassador Romana Vlahutin.

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