Emiliano Shullazi arrested

22/04/2011 19:45

Tirana Police has arrested one of most mentioned names, Emiliano Shullazi, who has left prison only recently.

He was arrested for putting obstacles to the electoral campaign, after a denouncement made by Socialist Party deputies, Vasilika Hysi and Besnik Bare.

Police sources say that Shullazi was arrested because during the electoral campaign of the Socialist candidate, Erion Koka, he pulled the microphone off when the candidate was speaking to the residents of Municipal Unit no.7 in Tirana.

This event was denounced this Thursday by Socialist Deputies at the Police. After some investigations, the Police are convinced that the author is Emiliano Shullazi.

Meanwhile, at the apartment door of the candidate for the local elections, Erion Koka, someone exploded a considerable quantity of dynamite. Koka declared at the police of not having any conflict.

Emiliano Shullazi was suspected for many criminal acts, but the sentence from the Serious Crime Court was given only for drugs. The Police was unable to prove the other suspicions.

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