Electoral College, final session not finished yet

13/06/2011 12:10

Socialist and Democratic Party legal representatives are moving around
the Court of Appeal building, but the meeting of the Electoral College
for reviewing the appeal of the Socialist Party has not ended yet.

The third opposition’s appeal pretends that Central Election Commission, while opening the ballot boxes with the miscast ballots, changed the vote counting summary tables. According to SP, this is a flagrant law violation.

SP appealed also the fact that the recount procedure resulted with 357 ballots more than voters, also considering the entire procedure of calling miscast ballots as valid as a violation of the Electoral Code.

The Electoral Code judge panel consists of Dhurata Haveri as head of the panel, and judges Sashenka Jonuzi, Marie Qirjazi, Meriban Mullaj and Astrit Kalaja.

The judge panel of the Electoral College, led by judge Dhurata Haveri, is expected to gather and give the final decision today.

This is the final appeal, the outcome of which will decide the new Mayor of Tirana.

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