EC President: Western Balkan’s fate should be turned towards Europe

24/01/2020 17:10

On his visit to Tirana, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, held a joint press release with PM Edi Rama.

Michel declared that Europe will keep offering concrete assistance to Albania, with its EU path and also with the earthquake situation.

He mentioned three points as the main pillars on how the European countries should act with further enlargement.

“I want to express our condolences for the lost lives, and we guarantee that we will continue to work hard for offering concrete assistance, also with the fundraising conference.

“The actions of the European government leaders should be based on three main pillars, regarding the EU accession negotiations:

“First, they must agree on the procedures that they want to follow for the enlargement, the steps and reforms that the countries need to take.

“Secondly, the European Commission recommended opening the negotiations last summer. The EC must discuss this thoroughly, and I will encourage it to decide.

“Third, the UE should mobilize for a pact of investments for Western Balkan, in order to encourage economic development.

“The fate of the Western Balkans should be towards Europe, and this requires commitment with the reforms, modernization, rule of law and fight against corruption.

“I will have the pleasure to organize a meeting in Brussels with the Western Balkan leaders to discuss these matters”, Michel said.

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